Why You Need SSL In Your Website

Have you noticed that some of the websites have this format – https:// on the URL? Do you have any idea what’s this all about? Well that simply means it uses additional security called SSL or secured socket layer certificates which is beneficial for customers and website visitors alike. Not to mention there are web browsers that will show websites not safe if they don’t have this SSL thing installed on the website which I strongly disagree to be used as a basis whether a website is genuine or not, safety or not safety.

If you have an eCommerce website, this tech is non negotiable meaning you must have SSL to protect your buyers from hackers, especially they used their credit cards to purchase online. In addition, having SSL on your website can increase your sales conversion as it can serve as a warranty or guarantee that your buyers can shop online safely. SSL certificates comes in different pricing, you can purchase this add-on to your website from $10 and above, depending on the type of SSL and pay for it yearly renewal. There’s also free that you can find online and installing this certificate is fairly easy to set-up on your own.