How to Handle Negative Customer Feedback

Most of us really do appreciate and love hearing or knowing positive feedbacks of other people to us, and in business. In a business world, as a business owner we would love to give almost everything to make our customer satisfied to our services so we can keep them. Positive comments, recommendations and seeing them coming back to us makes us more motivated to offer great customer satisfaction. But we must accept that we live in a world that nobody is perfect. We cannot control everybody; negative feedbacks are always there, and we just need to overcome and solve them.

But the question is, how are we going to handle these negative feedbacks from our customer?

Acknowledge the problem encountered by your customer, this is the very first thing you have to do so you can make your customer feel a bit better and to let him know that you understand the problem you’re facing about the product or service.

Respond immediately to your customers negative comment but don’t be defensive. Respond with respect, always put yourself into their shoes so you will know what they feel at the very moment. Say thank you for their comment or for letting you know.

Resolve the problem, if the customer has a wrong feedback about the product or service you can correct them, it is important to always educate your customer. They will more appreciate that than proving yourself correct and making them feel bad after giving wrong feedback.

Negative feedbacks are really pain in the ass but once you have taken this an opportunity to improve your business and handle it correctly, helped your customer, it will be a great experience for your customer. And there, your business will have a good standing.

Best thing after resolving customers concern is to make follow ups, by doing this you will be able to feel that customer that you are not just talking to them because you need to sell them something but to make them feel that you are building a good relationship to them and want to keep them as your valued customer.