The Need for a 3rd Party DNS Provider

The need for a third-party DNS provider is a common question in the tech world, most specially for web developers. The question is if you want to run an online business, do you really need to purchase a 3rd party DNS provider? Well to answer that question, there are few reasons why you want to go with a dedicated 3rd party DNS provider instead of using the free one that you get in your domain name provider.

The number reason is the propagation time, most of the time when you want to update something on your website, there is a delay called propagation time to see that major changes. Not all domain name and webhosting provider have fast propagation time, that’s why you should research first before you subscribe to their subscription plans.

Additional advantages of having the third-party DNS provider is you will gain additional security protocols against phishing. You will also access geoblocked websites or content, bypass web censorship and have parental controls to block unwanted content let’s say you’re managing a system for children. If you are concern on the above mentioned points, then I Would strongly suggest that you contact the tech support of the domain name provider where you want to purchase your domain and ask whether the free DNS included on your purchase will suits your requirements before deciding to purchase a separate plan for your DNS.