The Need for a 3rd Party DNS Provider

The need for a third-party DNS provider is a common question in the tech world, most specially for web developers. The question is if you want to run an online business, do you really need to purchase a 3rd party DNS provider? Well to answer that question, there are few reasons why you want to go with a dedicated 3rd party DNS provider instead of using the free one that you get in your domain name provider.

The number reason is the propagation time, most of the time when you want to update something on your website, there is a delay called propagation time to see that major changes. Not all domain name and webhosting provider have fast propagation time, that’s why you should research first before you subscribe to their subscription plans.

Additional advantages of having the third-party DNS provider is you will gain additional security protocols against phishing. You will also access geoblocked websites or content, bypass web censorship and have parental controls to block unwanted content let’s say you’re managing a system for children. If you are concern on the above mentioned points, then I Would strongly suggest that you contact the tech support of the domain name provider where you want to purchase your domain and ask whether the free DNS included on your purchase will suits your requirements before deciding to purchase a separate plan for your DNS.

Why You Need SSL In Your Website

Have you noticed that some of the websites have this format – https:// on the URL? Do you have any idea what’s this all about? Well that simply means it uses additional security called SSL or secured socket layer certificates which is beneficial for customers and website visitors alike. Not to mention there are web browsers that will show websites not safe if they don’t have this SSL thing installed on the website which I strongly disagree to be used as a basis whether a website is genuine or not, safety or not safety.

If you have an eCommerce website, this tech is non negotiable meaning you must have SSL to protect your buyers from hackers, especially they used their credit cards to purchase online. In addition, having SSL on your website can increase your sales conversion as it can serve as a warranty or guarantee that your buyers can shop online safely. SSL certificates comes in different pricing, you can purchase this add-on to your website from $10 and above, depending on the type of SSL and pay for it yearly renewal. There’s also free that you can find online and installing this certificate is fairly easy to set-up on your own.

Best Domain Name Providers

Looking to purchase your very first domain name for your online business? Then I strongly suggest checking the following domain name providers:


One of the most popular domain name providers with amazing deals every month. They offer discounts on registrations, renewals, transfers, and every service that they offer. Their support is also amazing and responds very fast. With Namecheap, you can also buy almost any TLD you might looking for.


This is also one of my favorite domain name provide as their pricing is relatively cheap, and they are one of the providers who offers free who is for life, while other providers charge additional costs for that feature. Also love how easy you can bulk search for domain names and also suggest domains that are related from your query. They also offer discount coupons but not that often or common like Namecheap which you can easily find online.


I have discovered this provider while looking for Namesilo and Namecheap alternatives as it was being suggested by lots of business owners that’s why I gave it a try and really happy that they’re simply one of the best providers I have ever deal with. Affordable prices, easy to manage panel, and it accepts majority of the online payments.

There are top 3 domain name providers I can suggest to anyone. Do you have your favorite company? Leave it down the comments below.

How to Handle Negative Customer Feedback

Most of us really do appreciate and love hearing or knowing positive feedbacks of other people to us, and in business. In a business world, as a business owner we would love to give almost everything to make our customer satisfied to our services so we can keep them. Positive comments, recommendations and seeing them coming back to us makes us more motivated to offer great customer satisfaction. But we must accept that we live in a world that nobody is perfect. We cannot control everybody; negative feedbacks are always there, and we just need to overcome and solve them.

But the question is, how are we going to handle these negative feedbacks from our customer?

Acknowledge the problem encountered by your customer, this is the very first thing you have to do so you can make your customer feel a bit better and to let him know that you understand the problem you’re facing about the product or service.

Respond immediately to your customers negative comment but don’t be defensive. Respond with respect, always put yourself into their shoes so you will know what they feel at the very moment. Say thank you for their comment or for letting you know.

Resolve the problem, if the customer has a wrong feedback about the product or service you can correct them, it is important to always educate your customer. They will more appreciate that than proving yourself correct and making them feel bad after giving wrong feedback.

Negative feedbacks are really pain in the ass but once you have taken this an opportunity to improve your business and handle it correctly, helped your customer, it will be a great experience for your customer. And there, your business will have a good standing.

Best thing after resolving customers concern is to make follow ups, by doing this you will be able to feel that customer that you are not just talking to them because you need to sell them something but to make them feel that you are building a good relationship to them and want to keep them as your valued customer.

A Virtual Assistant Can Be Your Company’s Superstar

In a business being organize is very important, it saves money, time and effort on all the things you should be doing. As an entrepreneur thinking of how you will be able to expand or grow your business is a pain in the ass, because it is the combination of making a sale and keeping everything on track such as your bills/expenses, your marketing strategy, your schedule of meetings and appointments, your emails etc. Being the owner is the hardest role in a business world specially if you are alone to do all this thing.

Virtual Assistants today are playing a great role in each company. They are also like the secretary or a manager as well. There are also virtual assistants who work from home and most are office based(outsourcing) it depends how the company want it to be.

Virtual assistants are the one who called to be the SUPERSTAR or HERO of a company, because they handle and organize almost everything for the company. Listed are basic roles of the Virtual Assistants:

  • Email management/ Schedule Appointment and Meetings – they are the one who organize the emails for the owner or the president so it will be easy for him/her to read and reply to it, and they are the one who schedule the meetings and appointments of the president.
  • File management – as a virtual assistant one thing you should be good at is to know how to organize files and documents, everything must be organized.
  • Social Media Account management – you are also the one handling the social media of the president specially if the company is using it for marketing. This includes responding to the inquiries and posting blogs etc.